Creative, designer, art director

Currently I am focused on branding and publishing projects, although my real specialism is in not specialising. I have a good depth of knowledge across multiple creative disciplines, which means I work well in a number of roles or as a project lead working with other talented specialists.
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About Me

I'm an art director slash graphic designer covering in brand design, websites, print publishing, animation, illustration, copywriting and ideation. Based between London and Buenos Aires.

I have found having a diverse range of skills and knowledge to be incredibly valuable in fast-paced and constantly evolving work environments. The ability to work across multiple creative disciplines gives me a unique perspective and enables me to approach problems in innovative ways.

I'm well-suited for roles that require cross-functional collaboration and project management. My ability to work effectively with other talented specialists helps to ensure that projects are completed on time and to a high standard.

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I've worked with companies big and small, all over the world

Here are a few of my favourite projects

ICCO collage videos
V-izza microsite
Coffee with a Panamanian View
Talking food characters
ICCO pizza character
Horse’s Mouth logo
Beatchain image treatment
Anchoa Edition Two

What people are saying about me

I've worked with Max in various agencies for the past 7 years and have always found him to be consistently brilliant. I hired him at Media Therapy and was impressed with the range and depth of his thinking and his ability to see a path from strategic insight to breakthrough execution. We relied on him enormously and I always considered him a genuine all-rounder. And as a partner at Horse's Mouth he's been hugely supportive and helped get the agency off the page and into the market. His ability to turn his hand to any brief from Internet Security to Japanese cooking ingredients and deliver fresh thinking and clever outcomes is evidence that no project daunts him. If you get the chance to work with him I'd grab it with both hands. He's a smart and nice bloke.

Howard Fretten
Creative director. Doctoral candidate

I worked with Max for two years at Fondness, where he was the Creative Director. He has been a wonderful mentor: he's able to create an environment people can thrive in. He constantly encourages taking time to explore art and design, and exchange new exciting finds. He won’t shy away from sessions of constructive criticism, dedicating abundant time to help colleagues grow. He will always be genuinely interested in feedback to his own work from anyone in the team, hierarchy is a foreign concept in his creative process. Max is hardworking and dedicated. Every single project I've seen him produce is a true product of love and care. He craves learning, and this shines in his work. Thanks to his perceptiveness and through constant research, I’ve seen him anticipate trends more than once.

Linda Lauretta
Freelance Creative. Video Editor