Beatchain image treatment

A disruptive campaign needs disruptive imagery. But to keep the social media platforms happy you need a lot of images.

To make sure Beatchain could keep up with the demand for images without spending an unreasonable amount of money, I applied a bit of creativity to the process of image making itself.

I converted stock images to become sound files, then edited the image as if it were sound, just like a music producer would. What does an image sound like? I ran everyday stock images through music editing software to find out.

The process changed the images, creating something beautifully glitchy. Not only visually striking, but perfect as a visual for Beatchain’s whole approach – the images were disrupted and disruptive. It was the same old stock imagery used across the internet, made new by some creative thinking from us.

A bit of proper creativity can make a small budget go a very long way.




Art direction
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop




Before and after example

Mixing these highly unique image assets with the everyday assets you'd expect from a startup, i.e. screenshots of the app, you shortcut to something visually striking that the brand can really own.

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